Allen Jia Data Analyst(future)


I'm proficient in using Python/SQL/R languages and Atom/Jupyter Notebook/Tableau softs to deal with data analysis issues. Now, I'm an assistant in Data Analysis Nano Degree of Udacity. And I'm a PLA ex-serviceman with strong self-control and implementation capacity.


Proficient in Pandas,NumPy,Matplotlib,Seaborn,scikit-learn and other Python packages.
Besides,I am also familiar with C.


I am good at using Atom,Jupyter Notebook ,R Studio ,Tableau ,Matlab and Excel to deal with data issues.

Other Skills

Photoshop,Premiere and Lightroom make me become a skillful shutterbug.

Featured Projects


Image Classifier

  • Deep Learning
  • Pytorch

In this project, the dataset used is the flower data , I'll use Pytorch to load and preprocess the data, and train the image classifier to achieve more than 80% accuracy. Finally, make it a command line app.

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Finding Donors for CharityML

  • Supervised Learning
  • Scikit-learn

In this project, the dataset used is the census data, I'll predict whether an individual makes more than $50,000 by preprocessing data and choosing the best candidate algorithm and train it.

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Udacity (Jan. 2018 - Now)

Nano Degree: Data Analyst Basic&Advanced& Data Scientist

Relevant Courses:

The Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of PLA (Aug. 2014 - Jan. 2017)

Degree: Master of Engineering

Xi'an Jiaotong University(Aug. 2010 - July 2014)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering